"Institutional and Social Dynamics of Growth and Distribution", edited by Neri Salvadori

Table of contents: [PDF]

Neri Salvadori: Introduction [PDF]


Joel Mokyr, "Institutions and the Beginnings of Economic Growth in Eighteenth-century Britain" [PDF]

Samuel Bowles, "The Coevolution of Institutions and Preferences: History and Theory" [PDF]

Martin Baur, Politics and Income Distribution [PDF]

Piero Ferri and AnnaMaria Variato, Income Distribution and the Interaction between Cycles and Growth. [PDF]

Davide Infante & Janna Smirnova, Market failures within poor institutions: the effects of bureaucrats' rent-seeking activity [PDF]

Pasquale Commendatore, Carlo Panico and Antonio Pinto, Government spending, effective demand, distribution and growth [PDF]

Nikos Benos, Stelios Karagiannis, The Role of Human Capital in Economic Growth: Evidence from Greek Regions [PDF]

David de la Croix: "Adult Longevity and Economic Take-off from Malthus to Ben-Porath" [PDF]

Luciano Fanti, Mimmo Iannelli, and Piero Manfredi, Endogenous age structure in descriptive macroeconomic growth models: a general framework and some steady state analysis [PDF]

Valerio Filoso, Bright and Wealthy: Exploring Assortative Mating [PDF]

Christian Henning & Volker Saggau, Information networks and knowledge spillovers: Simulations in an agent-based model framework [PDF]

Edward Nell, Interaction between economic and social variables: the transformational growth matrix [PDF]

Corrado Di Guilmi, Mauro Gallegati, and Simone Landini, Financial Fragility, Mean-Field Interaction and Macroeconomic Dynamics: A Stochastic Model [PDF]