"Metroeconomica" (Special issue)

Orlando Gomes, Endogenous Growth, Price Stability and Market Disequilibria.

Victor Hiller , Workers behavior and labor contract : an evolutionary approach

Luciano Fanti and Luca Gori, Family policies and the optimal population growth rate: closed and small open economies

Julia Sophie Wörsdorfer, When do Social Norms replace Status Seeking Consumption? An Application to the consumption of cleanliness

David Brasington, Mika Kato, and Willi Semmler, Transitioning out of Poverty

Mario Cimoli, Gabriel Porcile, Specialization, wage bargaining and technology in a multigoods growth model

Massimiliano La Marca, Real exchange rate, distribution and macro fluctuations in export-oriented economies

Tommaso Ciarli, André Lorentz, Maria Savona, Marco Valente,  The Effect of Consumption and Production Structure on Growth and Distribution. A Micro to Macro Model