"Long-run Growth, Social Institutions and Living Standards", edited by Neri Salvadori e Arrigo Opocher  

Table of contents:


A. Opocher and N. Salvadori: Introduction

A. Opocher: "Does economic growth ultimately lead to a 'nobler life'? A comparative analysis of the predictions of Mill, Marshall and Keynes"

M. Pomini: "The debate on education financing in the Classical school"

G. Mastromatteo: "The role of the Government sector in Minsky's writings"

V. Dardanoni e S. Modica: "The need of standards in students' grading".

M. Pomini: "Education, (inequality) and endogenous growth in the neoclassical tradition"

T. Bassetti: "Education and poverty in a Solow growth model".

T. Fioroni: "Child mortality decline, inequality and economic growth".

D. Dottori: "Health Funding, Inequality, and Economic Growth". Jossa: "Unemployment in a System of Labour-Managed Firms"

L. Fanti e L. Gori: "Regulated wage economy and taxation systems: a long-run welfare and growth theoretical analysis and a policy exercise"

S. Borghesi e A. Vercelli: "Sustainable Development and Energy Trends"

T. Luzzati: "Human needs, sustainable development, and public intervention: learning from K. W. Kapp (1910-1976)"

D. Gualerzi: "Economic Progress, consumption and the standard of life: Towards a dynamic theory of needs"

R. Balducci: "Change in consumer preferences, income inequality and endogenous growth

M. Pignatti-Morano: "Participatory planning of economic development and production of local public goods"

F. Purificato: "Political dynamics and growth: the role of interest groups"