Pisa (Italy), October 5-7, 2001


Old and New Growth Theories: an Assessment. Edited by Neri Salvadori. Edward Elgar

The Theory of Economic Growth: A 'Classical' Perspective. Edited by Neri Salvadori. Edward Elgar

Metroeconomica (Special Issue)

European Journal of the History of Economic Thought (Special Issue)

History of Economic Ideas (Special Issue)


Old and New Growth Theories: an Assessment

Neri Salvadori: Introduction

Barbosa-Filho, Nelson H.: Effective Demand and Growth in a One-sector Keynesian Model

Bucci, Alberto: When Romer meets Lucas: On Human Capital, Imperfect Competition and Growth

Carillo, Maria R., Zazzaro, Alberto: The Enigma of Medieval Craft Guilds: A Model of Social Inertia and Technological Change

Chandra, Ramesh, Sandilands, Roger J.: Does Investment Cause Growth? A test of an Endogenous Demand-driven Theory of Growth Applied to India 1950-96

Costa, Giacomo: Exogenous and Endogenous Growth in the Solow and Arrow Models, and the Swan Proposition

Cozzi, Guido: Schumpeterian Growth Theory and Schumpeter’s Monetary Ideas: a Suggested Integration

Dutt, Amitava K: New Growth Theory, Effective Demand, and Post-Keynesian Dynamics

Eicher, Theo: On the Mechanics of Technical Change: New and Old Ideas in Economic Growth

Garcia-Peñalosa, Cecilia: Distribution and Policy in the New Growth Literature

Guala, Francesco and Salanti, Andrea: Model-robustness in 'Old' and 'New' Growth Theory

Landesmann, M, Stehrer, R.: Technical Change, Effective Demand and Economic Growth

Panico, Carlo: Old and New Growth Theories: What Role for Aggregate Demand?

Setterfield, Mark: Neo-Kaleckian Growth Dynamics and the State of Long-Run Expectations: Wage- versus Profit-Led Growth

Steedman, Ian: On ‘Measuring’ Knowledge in New (Endogenous) Growth Theory

Thirlwall, Anthony: ‘Old’ Thoughts on ‘New’ Growth Theory

Turnovsky, Stephen: Old and New Growth Theories: A Unifying Structure?



The Theory of Economic Growth: A 'Classical' Perspective

Neri Salvadori: Introduction

Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori: Theories of Economic Growth ­ Old and New

Antonio D'Agata e Giuseppe Freni: The Structure of Growth Models: a Comparative Survey

Mario Pomini: Endogenous Growth Theory as a Lakatosian Case Study

Giuseppe Freni, Fausto Gozzi and Neri Salvadori: Endogenous Growth in a Multi-Sector Economy

Davide Fiaschi and Rodolfo Signorino: Income Distribution and Consumption Patterns in a "Classical" Growth Model

Pasquale Commendatore, Salvatore D'Acunto, Carlo Panico, Antonio Pinto: Keynesian Theories of Growth

Fabio Petri: Should the Theory of Endogenous Growth Be Based on Say's Law and the Full Employment of Resources?

Piero Manfredi and Luciano Fanti: The Demographic Transition and Neo-classical Models of Balanced Growth

Maria Rosaria Carillo: Human Capital Formation in the New Growth Theory: the Role of Social Interactions

Grazia D. Santangelo: The Evolutionary Perspective on Growth

Antonio D'Agata: Competition, Rent Seeking and growth: Smith Versus the Endogenous Growth Theory

Mauro Caminati: R&D Models of Economic Growth and the Long-Term Evolution of Productivity and Innovation

Maria Daniela Giammanco: Competition and Technical Change in Aghion & Howitt: a Formalisation of Marx's Ideas?

Andrea Mario Lavezzi: Division of Labour and Economic Growth: Paul Romer's Contribution in an Historical Perspective

Serena Sordi: The Interaction Between Growth and Cycle in Macrodynamic Models of the Economy

Davide Fiaschi e Serena Sordi: Real Business Cycles Models, Endogenous Growth Models and Cyclical Growth: a Critical Survey

Tommaso Luzzati: Growth Theory and the Environment: How to Include Matter Without Making it Really Matter

Salvatore Capasso: Modelling Growth and Financial Intermediation Through Information Frictions: a Critical Survey


Metroeconomica (Special Issue) Vol.54, 2-3, 2003

Neri Salvadori: Introduction

Bucci, Alberto, Fiorillo, Fabio and Staffolani, Stefano: Can Market Power influence Employment, Wage Inequality and Growth?

Boggio, Luciano: A Model of Take-off and Fast Growth in Open Economies

Chakraborty, Rabindra N.: Short and Long-run Effects of Environmental Degradation: a Structuralist Approach (Mathematics) (computations)

Fanti, Luciano and Manfredi, Piero: Population, Unemployment and Economic Growth: a Further Explanatory Perspective, (Figures)

Felipe, J., Fisher, F. M.: Aggregation in Production Functions: What Applied Economists Should Know

Laramie, Anthony and Mair, Douglas: The Effects of Taxation in a Kaleckian Growth Model

Lima, Gilberto T. Meirelles, Antonio J. A.: Endogenous Banking Markup, Distributional Conflict and Capacity Utilisation

Moreno-Brid, Juan Carlos: Capital Flows, Interest Payments and the Balance-of-Payments Constrained Growth Model; a Theoretical and an Empirical Analysis

Pigliaru, Francesco: Detecting Technological Catch-up in Economic Convergence

European Journal of the History of Economic Thought Vol 10, 1, 2003

Neri Salvadori: Introduction

Brezis, Elise S., Young, Warren: The New Views on Malthusian growth: A Reassessment of Malthus and Marx's Views on Population

Fiaschi, Davide, Signorino, Rodolfo: Consumption patterns, development and growth: Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Thomas Robert Malthus

Lavezzi, Andrea Mario: Smith, Marshall and Young on Division of Labor and Economic Growth

Palumbo, Antonella, Trezzini, Attilio: Growth Without Normal Capacity Utilisation

Ricoy, Carlos J.: Marx on Division of Labour and Technical Progress

History of Economic Ideas (Special Issue)

Neri Salvadori: Introduction

Giammanco, Maria Daniela: Competition and Technical Progress in Marx: Two Different Perspectives

Gualerzi, Davide: Is the New Growth Theory Endogenous?

Rima, Ingrid: The (Forgotten?) Link Between the Entrepreneur, Increasing Returns, and Economic Growth

Trigg, Andrew: Marx’s Reproduction Schema and the Multisectoral Foundations of the Domar Growth Model